The Executive Council of Urban Transport in Dakar (CETUD) is the organising authority for transport in the Dakar metropolis. Its role is to organise and regulate the supply and demand of urban public transport in order to create a favourable economic environment for operators and to promote the emergence of healthy and sustainable competition in accordance with the public transport policy defined by the State for the Dakar region. CETUD also provides technical assistance in the country's secondary towns at the request of the State or the local authorities concerned.

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Created in 2015, Climate Chance is the only international association, participating in the mobilization in the fight against climate change, seeking to unite all non-state actors recognized by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change - UNFCCC. Its objective? To strengthen climate action led by local authorities, businesses and civil society by networking actors and sharing best practices, to defend and disseminate common priorities and proposals, and contribute to achieving the objectives of the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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Created in Dakar in 1980 during the World Conference on Urban Transport with the aim of promoting sustainable urban mobility in the cities of the South, CODATU is a network with an international vocation which brings together all the actors involved in urban mobility (local authorities, transport operators, research centres and universities, consultants, companies, etc.) with the aim of ensuring a transfer of knowledge by developing cooperation between cities and exchanges of experience (scientific, technical, economic, etc.). Today CODATU is also developing activities of technical assistance, training and publications on the challenges of urban mobility developing countries.

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